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Risks Essay Topics & Paper Examples

International Organisations and their role in environmental protection

Our planet has become a risk society; being exposed to the disastrous efforts as a result of the harm caused by humans. There are several risks with varying magnitude and severity such as the natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunami, tornado etc. and man-made disasters such as biological weapons, nuclear programme and so forth. Ulrich Beck, the German anthropologist intimates that the above mentioned factors indicate a world risk society. Natural hazards are existential threats to the entire human lives. Rising or falling sea level can remold the world’s coastlines and seashores and most of the densely populated areas on earth will be affected as a result. There is a drastic change in the behavior and rhythm of the sea that…

Australia Country Risks

The overall performance of Australia in world economic outlook is generally one of the most stable. Because of the well planned course of running the economy, the Australian government has been maintaining a good level of growth among the Asia Pacific countries. However, it is also important to see some of the risks involved if one wishes to invest in the Australian market. The first aspect in strategic planning is to identify the political risks. Apparently, the political risks in the country can only be identified in terms of effectiveness. The implementation of different laws is at least better in Australia than any of its neighbors. In a general scale, it is one of the most stable political units in…

The Risks Involved In Blood Doping

Blood doping has been one of the most publicized issues that hit the sporting industry over the years. Blood doping is a process whereby an athlete or competitor uses additional red blood cells to improve their performance. There are two methods of blood doping namely autologous and homologous transfusion. The deaths of several athletes in both the Olympics and other international sporting events have put into question the effectivity of blood doping practice. This paper will investigate the problem, background, and risks involved in blood doping. An Overview of Blood Doping Engaging in competitive sports can take a lot out of the body of an athlete. To be competitive, the athlete would require a lot of stamina. In order to…