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Richard Branson Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates

1. Executive summary This report contains the characteristics and comparison between the leadership qualities of Bill Gates and Richard Branson. Here it is discussed how Bill Gates carryout to be a successful business entrepreneur being a democratic leader with a high innovative vision. Furthermore, Richard Branson as a fun full leader who succeeded with no theoretical knowledge implemented with regard to leadership. He was a passionate leader who was very much confidence about himself and who marketed his products with his image. Hence, it could be said that none of the leaders had the same characteristics other than a perfect vision and an aim to fulfill their dreams which lead them to be successful characters in the world. 2. Introduction…

Sir Richard Branson and Haruka Nishimatsu

Sir Richard Branson, Chairman and CEO of Virgin Atlantic, and Mr Haruka Nishimatsu are two contrasting leaders that have adopted leadership styles that suit the vastly different Japanese and British cultures. Comparison of the Leadership styles of Haruka Nishimatsu, JAL CEO and Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin Atlantic,. On a typical day, Haruka Nishimatsu wakes up, wears one of his discount suits, takes the city bus to work, walks down the aisles and corridors of JAL unnoticed, and sits at his desk in open space, with no office walls. During lunch, If he is not walking down the airport terminal, or helping prepare a plane, Nishimatsu can be found eating lunch with coworkers in the company cafeteria. For all of…

Richard Branson Leadership

Introduction I have chosen to write the profile of a Business leader who I admire on Richard Branson. Branson is a English business magnate, best known as the founder and chairman of Virgin Group of more than 400 companies. According to Wagner and Hollenback (2009), leadership is ‘the use of non-coercive and symbolic influence to direct and coordinate the activities of the members of an organised group toward the accomplishment of group objectives. According to Clark (2010), there are three main leadership styles. These are autocratic, democratic and laissez faire. In order to be an effective leader, managers should use all three leadership styles. A good leader should be able to judge which leadership style is most appropriate in a…

SWOT Analysis for Virgin Atlantic

The idea for the airline stemmed from the creator of the Virgin brand, Richard Branson. In 1977, seventeen- year-old Branson started an advisory service that flourished into Virgin mail order record company within three years. After establishing Virgin Records as one of the world’s top six record companies by the early 1980s, Branson launched his new creation, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, by 1984. over time Virgin Atlantic has become “the second largest long- haul international airline operating services out of London (the first being British Airways); Virgin Atlantic is also the third largest European carrier over the North Atlantic. Spanning anywhere from the U.S. and Caribbean to the Far East, India and Africa, the airline maintains hubs in twenty-two destinations worldwide….

Strategic Management – Virgin Case Study

1) What are Virgin Group’s distinctive resources/capabilities?The Virgin BrandFirstly, the Virgin brand is valuable in the form of brand equity, where ‘Virgin’ is one of the most recognised brand names in the UK, and is also well-known in other important markets including Europe and the U.S.A. Based on 1990s research, the Virgin brand was recognised by 96% of UK consumers (Case, p.685). Secondly, it is rare for a brand to have such positive consumer perceptions; which include value-for-money, fun, innovation, success, and trust across a range of Virgin businesses (Case, p.685). Thirdly, Virgin has built up their excellent reputation over time, and is therefore path dependent and difficult for competitors to imitate. Lastly, competitors cannot substitute resources that serve the…

Virgin Atlantic Airways

1 Executive summary “Virgin” is currently the third most recognized brand in Britain and it is commonly associated with the identity of its founder Richard Branson. Branson is not your typical corporate businessman but rather a risk-taking entrepreneur that emphasizes the fun in every activity he is driving the Virgin group into. Virgin’s best known operations are probably air travel (the Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Express airlines) and music stores (Virgin Megastores), but they are also involved in trains, finance, internet services, soft drinks, mobile phones, cars, wines, publishing, and bridal wear to name but a few. Although Virgin has successfully developed a differentiation strategy in each of these sectors, some of the group’s companies are currently experiencing financial difficulties….

Virgin Airline – the House That Branson Build

1)INTRODUCTION This article is a group assignment submitted in part fulfillment of the requirements for GM512 Business Policy and Strategic Management, which is a core module contained in the curriculum of the UCSI Master in Business Administration program. The article attempts to evaluate Case 3: The House that Branson Built: Virgin’s entry into the new millennium, and identify which of the strategic decisions taken by Richard Branson, Chairman of VIRGIN Group, indicated that he adopts the rational or generative reasoning perspectives. It is divided into 3 main areas that will each attempt to answer the following research questions respectively: 1. To what extent does Branson’s strategic thinking fit the generative reasoning perspective? 2. To what extent does Branson’s strategic thinking fit…

Quality Management Virgin Atlantic

Company overview: Since it was founded in 1984, Virgin Atlantic Airways has become Britain’s second largest carrier serving the world’s major cities. Now based at both London’s Gatwick and Heathrow airports, it operates long haul services to thirty destinations worldwide as far apart as Las Vegas and Shanghai. Virgin Atlantic has enjoyed huge popularity, winning top business, consumer and trade awards from around the world. The airline has pioneered a range of innovations setting new standards of service, which its competitors have subsequently sought to follow. Despite Virgin Atlantic’s growth the service still remains customer driven with an emphasis on value for money, quality, fun and innovation. Virgin Atlantic had carried around 53m passengers since it began operations and now…