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Rhinoceros Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Horns of a Rhino

What large mammal has tough, thick, light-grey skin, and has two large horns coming out of its nose? After reading that description, ideally one’s answer should be a rhinoceros. In most cases, we always picture a rhinoceros to have two horns and light-grey skin, but often forget about the rhinoceros who have darker colored skin and only one horn. There were once hundreds of rhinoceros species however, only five species exist today. The African Black and White rhinos, and the Sumatran rhinos have two horns, but the Indian and Javan rhinos from Asia only have one. Why is it that some rhinoceros have two horns while others only have one? I believe that the second horn certain rhinoceros have first…

Rhino Poaching facts

A total of 158 rhino have been poached since the beginning of the year. In the Kruger National Park, 116 rhino had been poached, the department of environmental affairs said in a statement. Thirteen were poached in North West, 12 in KwaZulu-Natal, nine in Mpumalanga and eight in Limpopo. Sixty-one people had been arrested: 38 of them alleged poachers and three alleged couriers, the department said. In the past week, two poachers were arrested in the KNP. Nine people had also been arrested at a game farm near Lephalale, in Limpopo, in connection with a rhino poaching incident on March 10. Over 630 rhino were killed by poachers in 2012. Rhino poaching debilitates the being of the rhinoceros. At present,…