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Revolutionary Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Paulo Freire and Revolutionary Education

In reading Paulo Freire’s inspiring and idealistic book Pedagogy of the Oppressed, first published in 1970, the question arises is whether such a radically transformed educational system is even possible. According the person I interviewed, a professor with many years of teaching experience in many countries, the answer is not particularly optimistic. Paolo Freire’s radical and humanistic view of education is light year’s removed from what actually takes place in most classrooms around the world. At the lower levels, education often amounts to little more than rote memorization to prepare for standardized tests, with administrators mainly concerned that their ‘numbers’ look good. Higher education has devolved into career training for big business interests, and frankly has become a business itself….

Changes to the United States from 1770-1870

The United States changed so many things from 1770 to 1870. The population increased drastically, from 2,148,100 in 1770 to 38,558,371 in 1870. The increase in population is caused by immigration of people to the US and slavery was another cause. Slavery and population had a big affect on the next 100 years of the United States history. The US also changed diversely with new innovations like roads, waterways, railroads, steam boats, and refrigerated railroad cars. A few new innovations that changed or improved from 1776 to 1870 are the roadways, waterways, railroads, steam boats, and refrigerated railroad cars. Roadways were an innovation that created a way for easier, and faster transportation. Waterways were also a way for transportation, to…