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Review of Own Leadership Behaviour Essay

B Braun Medical Ltd is one of the worlds leading healthcare suppliers. Our company’s success can be attributed to its employee’s belief in the overall goal of the company and the dedication to achieve them.

I work within the Supply Chain Customer Care Department as a Leader of the Emerald Prescription Service, a home delivery business supplying long or short term patients delivery off stoma and incontinence products to there home address.

We are a dedicated, compassionate team consisting of six personnel, we look after approximately 2,000 patients who use our service around the UK.

We as a team pride ourselves on the fact we are all cross trained and have the ability to undergo anyone’s role if required. I as a leader believe it is important for everyone in the team including myself to be able to carry out any of our procedures with confidence and ease. Various roles within our team are carried out daily in order to supply a slick pro-active service to our patients, which include regular telephone contact with the patients, monthly ordering to ensure they always have supply, contacting GP’s on there behalf to obtain there prescription to dispense there products. Offering hospital specialist stoma and urology nurses a dedicated telephone line so we are able to supply urgent stock to there patients, regular contact with our field based sales staff to communicate wins and falls in achievement and how to improve if something does go wrong. We are a compassionate team pod and have to be when dealing with people.

I naturally sit in a democratic leadership model and have strengths which sit in this style, I am a motivated, supportive, calm self confident leader. I listen and communicate well using positive banter and body language. I will encourage idea’s from my team and I give praise and recognition on a good job done. I can adapt well to change and will try new things. Sometimes faced with office culture (tickle tackle) I can face this head on and any problems within my team are ironed out as soon as they occur. I can read a persons personality and situation well and will deal with whatever happens in an appropriate way.

To support my theory on my democratic leadership style I carried out a questionnaire with my team please see appendix 1 attached. Our team constantly bring new ideas to the table and our business is in growth and in order to meet this growth we hold monthly meetings. These meetings have advantages and are interactive. They are great for instant feedback, the same information is outlined at the same time making it fair and avoids Chinese whispers. You can get an instant verification of understanding with a clear action plan in place before leaving the meeting and as we are currently looking at improving our procedures to meet business demands the meeting is a priceless tool! Minutes are also issued to backup any member who needs clarification.

I also carry out one on ones with my team members a company procedure with yearly objectives set please see examples off these objectives in appendix two. We discuss achievements of these objectives and I give praise, feedback and guidance if required. This helps me to build a strong, flexible and highly effective team with mutual trust for one another.

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