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Resposibilities of a Team Leader Essay

My role is within the finance function and I supervise one Team Administrator but I do often take the lead within finance projects. I currently work in Personal Care and Support within Runnymede Social Care Team. The team delivers social care services for people aged 18 +. .

Responsibilities of a Team Leader

1.To be responsible and accountable for the work and productivity of the team

A team manager needs to be responsible for decisions made which guide the team to complete tasks. Decisions are normally made by gathering information and requesting feedback. However, there are time when it will be necessary, due to short time constraints that a Team Leader will need to make a decision on the spot using their own knowledge and experience.

2.To be aware of policies and procedures and to communicate any changes to staff

Team Leaders need to be aware of policies and procedures to be able to guide staff to complete tasks within the remit of the department and County Council. They should also make staff aware of any changes.

3.Solve issues, conflict within the team and dealing with under performance.

Team Leaders need to put measures in place to deal with underperformance. This should involve discussion with the individual involved, setting short term goals and monitoring progress. Any training needs should be identified and appropriate action taken to ensure the individual is equipped to complete the tasks required.

4.Chair Team Meetings

Team Leaders should chair effective meetings by giving clear instructions when necessary, listening to and acting upon feed back and issuing a record of the meeting with action points for relevant staff with clear deadlines.

Two examples which would need higher authority.

1. A team member wishes to undertake training which is not organised by Surrey County Council. The expenditure would have to be authorised by a senior manager. 2. If issues could not be solved with under performance in an informal basis then a senior manager would need to make the decision to take a formal route.

Feedback on own performance

I receive feedback on my own performance within my appraisal last April. Goals were agreed and monitored throughout the year.

A strength that was identified was my ability to meet tight deadlines demonstrated by my completion on our “month end” process by the deadline each month.

An area for improvement is my lack of confidence at public speaking. I am required to complete finance inductions with Care Managers and I found myself getting flustered and not sounding confident in my knowledge.

Establishing Trust

Trust can be established by effective communication and acting upon any issues with the team or individuals. Communicating openly and honestly without distorting information keeping promises and commitments.

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