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Responsibility for forecasting recruitment Essay

Assume you are responsible for forecasting recruitment and filling any vacancies 1. Create a list of questions you could consider that would help you to identify person and position requirements There is a large amount of questions to be asked when identifying future person and position requirements and they are.

What is changing in the current economic economy?

How is the social aspect of the economy changing?

Is the company expanding, retracting or staying the same?

How the company’s mission statement/vision has changed?

What people’s future goals are and how long they intend to be with the company?

What new technology is available to assist people with their jobs and how their job roles might need adjusting as a consequence of this?

What skills gaps exist within the company?

Are there any new political policies that will effect the current position descriptions?

What’s the company’s short, mid-term and long term goals are?

What type of work will be done in the future?

How will this new work be performed?

How does this work differ from current work requirements?

What work job roles, positions will be critical in the future?

How will the organisation need to be structured to support future work requirements?

How will divisions, work units and jobs be designed?

How will work flow into each part of the organisation?

What will be the reporting relationship?

What attributes of the current work force need to change for the future?

What are the future work and orginational business requirements?

What are the key diffrents between current and future workforce compintices?

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