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Response Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Emergency Planning And Response (Epr) For Vital Digital Records And Essential

The need to enhance the security and total protection of vital information and critical digital records in an organization or business environment is of great importance. Prediction of the occurrence of emergency is a complex process yet the need to enhance business continuity through proper planning and putting down of strategic business processes to safeguard information continues to be of utmost importance (Handmer and Smith 1994). Putting in place the strategic data management and record recovery mechanisms helps to enhance protection of vital governmental and banking records and the existing digital data in the event of a national level catastrophic event (NLCE). This paper describes and analyses the different vital required actions that need to be taken in the event…

A Response to a Historical Essay Based on the US Civil War

The war as people have known and understood it, has inculcated nothing but violence. Over the history, the remnants of different wars became distinct because of the horrors that it caused and imbibed within the innocent lives of people not involved with it. In addition, those who have actually participated in wars, battleworn and inflicted with such violence can only remember the dreadful effects that it left. However, recent studies and approaches to war histories suggest otherwise. Indeed, there have been numerous horrors inflicted by the war towards innocent victims – women, children, elderly, and the soldiers themselves. But on a different light, the article by Drew Gilpin Faust shows that these wars, although violent and bloody, have brought numerous…

Response Paper: Don Quixote de la Mancha

“Don Quixote de la Mancha” by Miguel de Cervantes is one of the most recognizable classics in the world of literature. It is a narrative that is being retold in almost every generation that had followed since its publication. Much the success of the story is really undeniable as it had even infused a term to the English language, the term “quixotic. ” It is certainly one of the most unforgettable stories ever written. Here is a quote from the text that I would like to pose a response: “I shall never be so mad as to make myself a knight-errant for I see well enough that things are not how they used to be in those days, when they…

Response to the book “The Body’s Memory”

The recollection made by a person with disability or PWD of the most painful things which her body felt and experienced was explicitly depicted in the 1993 book of Jean Stewart entitled “The Body’s Memory. ” The most notable aside from the clear presentation of the true condition and emotions of PWD, however, is the remarkable realization exemplified by the character. The character’s clear yet flexible and uncomplaining reminiscence of the pains and sacrifices of her body which was afflicted and removed with tumor was the ultimate significance of the book. This is because a PWD’s acceptance of the undeniable or irreversible state of her body strongly manifests that indeed the physical condition serves as the lasting reminder of disability….