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Respectable pharmacist Essay

In some point in time, an individual encounters a crossroad in his life. I have been in a few and those influenced my current decision to pursue the degree of pharmacy. I hopped from one job to another in the last few years. I have experienced working in retail, became a massage therapist, a medical assistant, a medical coder and lastly, being employed at a pharmacy. Among the jobs that I have mentioned, my undertaking in the pharmacy was most fulfilling.

From observing a respectable pharmacist, I was inspired by the way he works. I believe that the task of a pharmacist does not end by merely helping the patients understand the prescriptions. A pharmacist is also dedicated in making sure that the medications are effective in curing the patients. It is also very challenging to know that being a pharmacist entails big responsibility in dispensing medications. I came to realize that my mind and my heart belong to the cradle of pharmacy through all these.

I am aware that in order to be qualified in a prestigious school like the Touro College, a good set of grades is needed but when I was still studying my undergraduate degree, I failed to handle my priorities. I was working to be able to get through my expenses. Thus, I was not able to set my focus on my studies alone. Still, I decided to continue my schooling despite the result of having a low GPA. The said experience taught me well that I should know how to strike a balance in the aspects of my life. I managed to accomplish my Bachelor’s degree and from then on, I realized that I should not dwindle with the time to learn.

A low GPA does not necessarily mean that a person is of weak character. I will not be easily swayed off by incoming events that will cause me difficulty when I am already in the College of Pharmacy. If and when I will be given a chance to pursue the degree of Pharmacy, I will not put to waste the opportunity. I know that the education that I will gain will help improve my personality and outlook in life. I am the kind of person who will definitely go for the goal, fight for it so that I will be able to win.

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