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Resources available to support the project manager Essay

There are many resources available to support the project manager. If any of these resources are not obtained then the project could be completely halted. To make a project successful you will need a suitable budget. Without a suitable budget the project manger will not be able to afford other resources to get the project done. Furthermore, without a good budget, the manger is unable to pay the salaries to the members of the team that have been working on the project. If the cash flow is week the project is unable to proceed or pay of any costs that would come during the project life cycle. Without an efficient budget the project will come to a stop. Stakeholders are very important to the manager.

Stakeholders help the project by giving money so that the project can be completed efficiently and cheaply. Staff members who are working on the project are also a very important resource. This will help to support the project manger as the project would be completed faster and with a better standard. The project manger ensures that each staff member has the correct set of skills needed, in order to complete to the project.

The manger is should also ensure that each member is determined to do their best and give their best in order to make the project successful. The manger should have the correct equipment in order to efficiently complete the project. Without the correct equipment the project would come to a stop. Equipment is needed in any project. E.g. If your working for a company which makes websites and you are starting a project you would need equipment, like good computers and software’s to make the website.

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