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Resignation Essay Topics & Paper Examples

PR Communication Memo

Lancaster, PA, June 13, 2013 – JHW Corporation (NYSE: JHW), a leader in textiles, announced today that John Doe, chief financial officer, has resigned unexpectedly while working with the Securities and Exchange Commission. SEC is currently investigating the accounting practices of JHW and recently discovered discrepancies in the company’s revenue recognition. James H. Whoever, president and CEO of JHW, stated he was surprised to learn of the discrepancies discovered by SEC in the company’s accounting practices and regrets that internal controls were not reviewed sooner. At this time it is unknown if John Doe’s resignation is connected to this incident; however, the company is committed to finding a replacement Chief Financial Officer at the conclusion of the investigation. Until further…

Analyzing and Interpreting Data

As a consultant, Team A has analyzed and interpreted the second set of data. The intent is to increase senior management’s understanding of the sources of employee dissatisfaction and too create a model that predicts employee resignation. The process will be to combine the week two learning team assignment and week three findings with week five findings and make recommendations to BIMS by using the statistical tables given in the appendices of the textbook and a statistical analysis application. Combined Weeks and Recommendations to BIMS The valuable information the first survey has given the employees is if employees would like to stay if he or she was offered some type of bonus for their work and their loyalty to the…