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Reserve Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Strict Natural Reserve

The Mount Nimba Strict Natural Reserve consists of approximately 13,000 hectares that exist along the border of Liberia, Guinea and Cote D’ Ivorie or Ivory Coast. It was declared a World Heritage Foundation Ecological Site in 1992, based on the potential for iron ore mining, influx of refugees from neighboring conflicts, and the immense diversity of its flora and fauna. The Mount Nimba Strict Natural Area contains a number of different ecological systems, and biodiversity areas, some of which are not fully documented. Mount Nimba is part of the Guinean Backbone, which is approximately 1,000 meters above the surrounding flat glacis. It forms a barrier lying along the southwestern and northeastern axis of Guinea. The sharp relief and stark topography…

Compare and contrast the financial systems of two different countries. Use an institutional approach to describe the system. Comment on the impact on, and response to the GFC in each country

1.0 Introduction A financial system inquires for efficient allocation of resources among the surplus and deficit units (Viney 2009) as such it encourages more savings where funds are provided for investor to invest and also ease the transactions for goods and services (Viney 2009). There are three main components in the financial systems which are the financial institutions, financial instruments and financial markets. All three types of financial system each carry different function, roles and regulations. However, financial institutions will be mainly focus in this research essay. Global Financial Crisis (GFC), also known as the ‘great recession’ occurs in the year of approximately 2007-08. GFC has caused a several impact on the economy which leads to a several collapse of…