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Review of related literature and studies

After the computer became popular to the people, the developers of schools website are taking years after. Only Derrick Meador quoted the “More and more homes across the country have internet access and having a school website that is up-to-date and well-organized is a great way to reach the school community.” He is also the author of “The Importance of School Website” sourced ( In past years the proposal of school sites are limited to. Because it’s not affordable to have it only few can make. But now, lots of schools want to be part in the market. Related Reading

Base on My reading, school site, is now important to this generation because more students are in advance when it came to studies. And more students want to study in online, because they don’t have time to go to school when it comes to the school class schedule.

Related Literature

Related Studies

In conducting a school webpage, it helps the school to be part of school official site. Today ¾ of universities and colleges has already webpage, they make their school more demand to the market i.e. the Far Eastern University (FEU), University of the Philippines (UP), De Lassalle State University (DLSU), Anteneo de Manila University (AdMU) they have their school website. It is easy for them that they can have more enrolee’s next semester. Today, the webpage of school is very important and it is the demand to the market even in abroad, the foreign nation schools is more focus in making school website. There is an advantage having an official webpage and today the Schools they have their proposal to make school sites. The people will inquire or visit through online and it is easy for them that they can inquire through online.

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