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Research opportunity Essay

1.This assignment gives you the chance to research current issues in cyber forensics affecting the ICT industry, forensic examiners, and the legal fraternity. Using sound research strategies to locate quality academic, scientific and legal research material the assignment is intended to provide you with the opportunity to:

a)Refine research and analysis skills through locating, selecting and compiling a higher-level research essay. b)Familiarise yourself with new development in cyber forensics that will affect the working and private environments of all technology users. c)Add to the general knowledge of the School of IT’s research and preparation of future unit offerings and potential research topics for student projects and post-graduate research.

2.You are, in effect, my team of researchers undertaking some relevant research of benefit to your own learning experience and future employment and research.

3.Your essay should focus on the following topics that are considered of growing significance: analysis, validation and presentation of digital evidence in cyber forensics examinations. Your research must be based on published research papers, government and other organisation standards, guidelines and papers. It should describe, explain and discuss the following issues:

-Deductive, inductive and abductive reasoning in the context of cyber forensics analysis. -Processes that assist in developing a case hypothesis and alternative hypothesis. -Validation processes that check and test the correctness of the digital evidence exhibits and their relationships with corroborating evidence relied on in legal cases. -Processes that would enhance the communication of and presentation of case analysis to the legal practitioner and courts.

5.You will be given instruction in the workshops on the format of a research essay and video material will be added during the teaching to assist your assignment preparation.

6.The length of the essay should be 3,500 words.

Essay Topics:

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