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Research into Hindu culture Essay

•Pyol: The pyol is a sort of front stoop where Indians often visit with neighbours and watch the world go by
•Austerity : Noun the trait of great – denial
•Prostrate: to cast oneself face down on the ground in humility.
•Chappattis : A flat unleavened round shaped bread of northern India. Made of wheat flour, water and salt
•Tapas: (noun) Hinduism religious austerity.

•Hobnobbed : to associate on very friendly terms
•Sarayn : The Sarayn is an ancient river that flowed through what is now the modern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is often considered to be synonymous with the modern Gharghara river tribitutary of it. The Sarayn played a vital role for the city and life of Ayodhya, as according to the great Hindu epic,the Ramayana,is where Rama,the seventh Avatara of Vishnu immersed himself to the return to his eternal, real Mahavishnu form, when he retired from the throne of Kosala. His brothers Bharata and Shatrughna also join him, as do many devoted followers. The Sarayn is also the river, upon banks King Rama was born.
•Mantap : a porch or vestibule of the Brahman temple.

•Banyan tree : In Hindu religion the Banyan tree is considered sacred. It represents eternal life because of its ever-expanding branches. •Swamiji: Is primarily a Hindu honour title, loosely akin to “master “or “teacher”. It comes from the word Sanskritt and means “ owner of oneself”, that is, a complete mastery over instinctive and lower urges. It is a title that is added to ones name to emphasize learning and mastery of a specific field of knowledge, most often religious or spiritual. In Hinduism, when one becomes a swami, one is considered to be liberated from material desires. Swamis have full control over their bodies, and are all-knowing. Many Swamis no longer need to eat or sleep. Receiving all of their energy from God. Many Swamis in India stay up in the mountains meditating.

**** The short story “ House opposite” is not marred by complexity or confusion , it merely observes the sentimentality, emotional and spiritual norms imposed on human relationships and its implication with ideology superiority

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