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Request for Information Essay

Dear Mr. Doe, I am a private buyer interested in the Nikon D5000, the newest addition to your line of digital SLR cameras in the market. I have inquired at several retail locations about this particular model and was somewhat disappointed at the lack of particular information available—details that I feel would strongly influence my purchase of this product. I hope that you will be able to assist me in my assessment of this particular item. One of my biggest concerns is the care required to maintain what I feel is a piece of complex technology.

In my work as a professional nature and outdoors photographer, the ability of a product to withstand the elements is a top priority. I am especially concerned at the “Vari-angle mirror” installed in your product—would there be an option to either secure it better to the camera body or eliminate it completely? Another concern is the availability of a compatible GPS unit. Being able to geotag images from the camera itself is a practical function for me, as I often stumble upon locations that I have never been to before but would be interested in revisiting.

Would the D5000 have this capability, and if not, would there be a way to install this function? I understand that the D5000 is currently the most advanced consumer brand DSLR in the market today, which is a good explanation for its higher price range. Is there an option to purchase this product through financing directly from your sales office or via an external vendor? Last but not least is the possibility of “customizing” a camera package to fit my personal and work requirements.

A sales associate at a local warehouse store advised that I inquire with you regarding the possibility of getting the AF-S DX VR Zoom 55-200 mm lens with my camera package deal, which I would be able to use for nature shots better than I would with the standard 35-mm lens offered in-store. The Nikon D5000 is looks like it is a great piece of technology, and will be made even greater should my aforementioned concerns be given room for integration.

I thank you in advance and look forward to your prompt response. Sincerely, Jane Doe Digital Media Correspondent Discovery Networks 6505 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite 190 Miami, FL 33126 References Cook, G. (2009). Buying a Big Ticket Item? First Ask Some Killer Questions. Retrieved from the web site: http://www. simpleology. com/blog/2009/06/buying_a_big_ticket_item_first. html Nikon D5000. Retrieved from the web site: http://www. nikonusa. com/Assets/Digital- SLR/25452-Nikon-D5000/PDF/25452_D5000_brochure. pdf

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