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Reputation Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Life and Money

1. Naturally, money is a decisive factor in the career of a man so, nobody can deny its important role and its value his daily activities – What we would like to discuss here is to what extent money is valuable and whether it has an absolute power or more simply speaking, whether it is a key which can open every door as some people think. 2. It’s not true that money has its value only in our modern society – It may be that money varies in form in different ages but its value is generally accepted in every period of time, every country in the world. – Ever since people knew how to live together in a community…

Airbnb Marketplace

In just four years, Airbnb had become a premier online marketplace where home owners and would-be bed-and-breakfast owners could turn vacant rooms into nightly rentals. Potential guests could simply log on and search for available rooms, transforming any house into a possible hotel. By July 2011, Airbnb was valued at $1 billion and had rented over 2 billion rooms since operations began in 2007. Airbnb created an online reservation system to facilitate transactions, which included a reputation system to build trust and reliability among market participants. In particular, a longstanding review system let renters read about hosts before submitting a reservation request. Similarly, hosts could read about renters before accepting. Most of the resulting reservations proceeded without incident, and in…