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Repetition Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Mats Berglund

At BioMedCental, an online peer-reviewed journal, the research article entitled “Repetition and severity of suicide attempts across the life cycle: a comparison by age group between suicide victims and controls with severe depression” was submitted on 22 February 2009, and after a number of revisions was accepted on 29 September 2009, and published the same day. Written by Louise Bradvik and Mats Berglund (2009), researchers for the Department of Clinical Sciences and the Department of Clinical Alcohol Research, respectively, of the Division of Psychology of the Lund University Hospital, the study investigates the “reduced incidence for initial, repeated, or severe suicide attempts” for accomplished suicides according to age and gender controls. The initial hypothesis is that age has a predictive…

The Museum of Vain Endeavours Summary

The narrator is unknown and we aren’t sure whether the narrator of this particular short story is a female or a male, but I would assume the narrator is a female because the author is a female and it sounds more like a feminine story. The museum itself was a forgotten place on the outskirts of the city where it doesn’t seem appealing at all. It is built on waste ground where rubbish is scattered all over the place and is infested with many cats. You would think the area around the museum was deserted. In 1946, the museum was introduced as part of the city’s new exhibition. The protagonist loves spending every afternoon in the Museum of Vain Endeavours….