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Rendition Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Extraordinary Rendition

Extraordinary rendition is a political practice that involves deliberate transfer of individuals to other jurisdictions for interrogation using coercive means. These individuals who comprise terrorists are usually transferred to foreign countries where torture and other clandestine activities are considered normal in the process of acquiring information. The term extraordinary rendition can be likened to rendition which refers to handing over of individuals to other jurisdictions without following the necessary legal process. However, the contrast is that extraordinary rendition implies the use of torture (Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Foreign Affairs Committee & House of Commons, 2009). Although it is associated with the September 11 attack, the process can be traced back to the administration of President Bill Clinton. The…

Ethics of Rendition

This study begins by stating that nulla poena sine lege, meaning that no person may be punished except in accordance with the law. In every instance, there must be a law governing and prescribing punishment. Further to that non omne quod licet honestum est, meaning that not everything that is permissible or even lawful is honest or honorable. There are limitations in respect of this maxim. Finally, it would also like to state that apices juris non sunt jura or non congruit de apicibus juris disputare, meaning that legal principles must not be carried to their most extreme consequences, regardless of equity and good sense. This study deems it fit to address the issue of rendition within the three maxims…