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Religious Connections and the Olympics Essay

Similar customs drew men from different cities together, and usually these customs that brought together men from different cities were religious. Religious connections would also strengthen political alliances between states. Some religious gatherings were by men from different representing different states but men representing different tribes. It must be noted that different states have groups of different tribes and there were members of the same tribe in different states.

These further strengthened the connections between states. Olympic festivals were said to have stated somewhere around 770 BC. The sanctuary of Zeus in Olympia provided an oracle, which members of the cult of Zeus would normally seek for divine approval. It also provided a festival with several competitions. At first, the Olympics attracted mostly people from the western Peloponnese, but gained wide recognition somewhere around 580 BC.

Non-Greeks were excluded from competitions and the games soon began a competition not only of individuals but of the states which they represented. Conclusion The Greek city-states were a product of political circumstances that arose from the persistent societies of migrating tribes. The land’s terrain made it necessary for the tribes to congregate in groups in certain territories, creating variations in social structure but sharing several similar language, custom and tradition.

Having exploited the lands that were limited in the first placed paved the way for trade and sea-faring, which created opportunities for citizens to improve their wise and whose ancestors were otherwise deprived economically. Trade would also bring improvements in the Greek way of living. The introduction of coinage would shift the power structure of which prior to this was determined by the amount of land the citizen possesses, and the re-introduction of alphabet would pave the way for the people’s assembly to obtain power.

Military improvements brought upon by warfare to extend territories would maintain stability of the states, and which allowed the some of the more powerful states to defend against invaders.

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