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Related Text For Tom Brennan Essay Essay

By the Grace of God by Katy Perry is a song of heart break and determination , Katy herself is faced with the challenge of working though positive and negative experiences she has encountered through her divorce. These negative experiences that Katy faces are portrayed through a number of features some include the use of a depressing and Grey tones throughout the first two verses “ thought i wasn’t enough “ , “ Couldn’t take it anymore”, “ Running on empty so out of gas” This is one way Katy expresses her negative experience of heartache and pain, this also can refer to her depression. Another technique used to reveal her pain is the use of similes for example “ locked up tight like iron mountain” Katy feels trapped and depressed and “ when the truth was like swallowing sand” Katy feels as though she is better to just suffer than face the truth although Katy has faced all of these negative experiences she some how finds it in herself to make her own positive experiences in a similar way to Tom Brennan.

For the rest of the song Katy is all about turning her negative experiences into positives. She is determined “ to pick herself back up” and to fight through the pain and get back to her new/ normal life. This is when she leans to the spiritual/ religious side of things which is a strong theme throughout the rest of the song as it ends every chorus “ By the Grace of God” These positive experiences of rebuilding and reflection are proclaimed through two main features the use of imagery and the repetition of lyrics. Types of imagery indicated in this song are religious imagery “

By the grace of god ( There was no other way) this indicates to the audience that her faith was her last resort to help her turn her life. hopeful imagery “ I picked myself back up “ , “ Decided to stay”, “ I’m not giving up” This unveils to us that she is willing to leave the past behind and is ready to face the future. Imagery of Katy rebuilding her confidence is strong throughout the middle and end of this song this displays that her life is really heading in a positive direction and she is not going to let the negative things bring her down examples of this are “ I could Finally see my self again” This is very similar the the quote In Tom Brennan “I could smile, ‘cause I could see that he was coming back’.

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