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Reinforcement Theory Essay

Q# 1: Identify the practices of organization that are indicating the application of reinforcement theory?
1. Focus on proper training before giving task to the employees
2. Monitoring the performance of employees.
3. Formulation of procedures, rules and regulations in detail.
4. Strictness in compliance of rules.

Q# 2: You are required to suggest some measures of positive reinforcement that can be implemented by the management of Crisp & Soft restaurant. Answer
1. The manager can start a practice to greet the employees and having pleasant conversation with those who came on time at start of day and conduct a small meeting with staff at closing of day and praised and say thanks those who performed good during the day. These practices will decrease late arrivals and early leaver.

2. The management can start “Employee of the month” award scheme in which at end of every month letter of appreciation along with small cash price will be give to the employee how performed well during the month. 3. A roll of honor board should be maintained at prominent place in the restaurant where everyone can see it. The pictures of “Employee of the month” pasted on that board. Q# 3: Assess which level of Maslow’s hierarchy of need the organization is satisfying for lower level staff and managerial level staff?

Explain Answer
As per Maslow’s hierarchy of need, there are following five levels of human needs: i. Biological Need: The basic requirement for survival of human body e.g. food, water, air and shelter etc. ii. Safety Need: Protection from Cold, Heat, Sand, Storm, Earthquake, Animals, Enemies iii. Social Need: love, acceptance, belonging etc.

iv. Self Esteem: Respect, reorganization
v. Self Actualization: challenging tasks,
In case of lower level workers the Crisp and Soft restaurant management is satisfying level 1 by providing free meal and uniform, paying salaries at reasonable rate and level 2 by making HVAC arrangement for workers. In case of management staff, the restaurant management is trying to satisfying level 3 along with level 1 and 2 also, by providing good salaries (level 1), good working environment (level 2) and membership of social club of restaurant to their staff(level 3) where they can attend get to gathers, family dinners etc.

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