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Reid Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Interview vs interrogation

Both an interview as well as an interrogation are facilitated by analysis of investigative findings. Proper factual analysis assists the investigator in the following ways: Eliminate improbable suspects Develop possible suspects or leads Increase confidence in identifying truthful or guilty suspects through the interview process Identify proper interrogational strategies  The nine steps of the Reid Techniques are: 1 Direct confrentation 2 deflection 3 dominance 4 turning objections into justifications 5 expressing empathy 6 offering alternative themes 7 posing the “alternative” question 8 repetition 9 documentation Ury, Allen B. “Modern Police Interrogation Techniques Use Subtle Psychological Manipulation.” Everest in North Orlando to Stage Breast Cancer Awareness Event Oct. 12. N.p., 8 June 2009. Web. Effective Interviewing it is important to know…