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Regulatory requirements Essay

Explain how you identify the regulatory requirements, codes of practice and relevant guidance for managing concerns and complaints in own area of work

The complaints policy for Enfield Connect Mental Health Floating Team – One Support outlines the following aims: To resolve concerns / complaints as quickly and effectively as possible, through an informal response by a frontline member of staff. If this is not possible then through a more formal investigation and conciliation in an open and non-defensive way to ensure that all concerns / complaints are dealt with in accordance with these procedures. To ensure that staff, customers and relatives/carers are aware of the policy and procedure. To improve quality of service by identifying lessons learned from complaints locally and nationally and by implementing improvements in service using the lessons learnt. To uphold even-handedness for both staff and complainant alike. To help all health professionals to feel they can be open in their communications with patients whenever mistakes are made and to not be reluctant to apologise.

As a member of the front line staff I make a point to highlight to the customers on ad mission the section of the ‘Customers Welcome Pack’ about expectations on how complaints will be dealt with. This reads as follows: ‘Please be assured that any complaint you make will be taken seriously and handled sensitively and efficiently. An initial acknowledgement will be received within 2 working days and a full written response, following a thorough investigation, will be sent within 20 working days. If for any reason this cannot be achieved then you will receive written communication informing you of this. In the first instance we would encourage you to speak to the Team Manager to hopefully resolve the matter quickly. If this is not appropriate for any reason then please contact the Senior Team manager. The name and contact details of the Team Manager and Senior Team Manager are available in the Customer Welcome pack’.

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