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Reflective thinking essay Essay

Early this week we where given a assessment to complete. I found the concept to be very interesting and I began to think about how the honest opinions of my peers would effect me. In an attempt to maintain an open mind and to maintain the effectiveness of the exercise, I tried to rate my peers based on where they actually stand. This is more difficult than one would think, I tended to want to rate some one else based off of how they would in my mind rate me. A couple days later it was time to reveal the results of the peer assessment, and admittedly, I was pretty nervous. I usually like to feel as though I am liked by every one and to know that I would for sure have some negative things brought to my attention was a bit nerve racking.

We sat down and discussed where we all stand as a class is concerned and much to my surprise most of my feedback was good. The negative things that where brought up I was distinctly aware of already so I feel as though I took that well. I will try to continue in my efforts to resolve these issues and focus on self improvement. I think over all My perception of my self was confirmed. I would also say that this was the case for the majority of the class. Most people where aware of there flaws. I also think that we grew as a class, knowing the true feelings of your peers and can help to resolve differences between class mates. Over all the entire exercise was a great success in my eyes.

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