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Reflective listening Essay

Reflective listening is a great way in overcoming barriers to communication, this because this strategy can help in keeping the cycle of communication going and showing interest in what a client has to say, this is also a good way of build self esteem needs in clients, this is because it can show the professional is thinking and listening to what the person is saying, an example of this is though a professional saying something like “so, when your mum told you, you weren’t allow to go out it made you feel angry”, this is showing and ensure the professional has understood what was said.

A disadvantage of reflective listening is that is a person has low self esteem or is angry or is upset they may not want to take the feedback the professional has said, or would get annoyed or think that the professional is not helping them as they are using the individuals own words to tell them what they have already said. Another negative point to do with reflective or active listening is that when a professional may say “do you think you tell me some more about what happened?” it could create a communication barrier because it might make a client feel that their personal space or their thoughts are being in way ‘invaded’ and it could make a client unable to think more about the situation or what they’re going to say.

Training for professionals

Training for professionals can be a really effective and great way of helping professionals learn new or develop ways of overcoming barriers to communication, this can help them more aware of the communication cycle or the different ways barriers can occur, this can also involve taking part in role plays so that the professional can see a situation from a clients point of view, this would help give the professional more of an idea about what’s it like

Building relationships and appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication.

It is very important to build relationships with people who use services involve skills listening, together with appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication. It also may be important to use friendly, warm non-verbal behaviour that expresses interest in another person such as: * Making effective eye contact(varied and appropriate contact with another person’s eyes * Smiling-looking friendly rather than frozen or cold in expression * Adopting a relaxed and calm body posture

* Using an appropriate gentle tone of voice
* Using hand movements and gestures that show interest
* Nodding your head slightly while talking to communicate messages such as “I see,’ or ‘I understand’, or ‘I agree”.

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