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Reflective journal Essay

My third week of clinical placement at Trillium Hospital assigned on the same unit and same patient. Arrive early in the lobby of 4J Rehab meet with our Clinical Instructor and group mates. Started with pre-conference had briefing for the day activities assigned as schedule to be with our Clinical Instructor in giving 10:00 am medications. After the briefing, I went to the station where, met my new preceptor , exchange of greetings little bit of introduction about me and her. We started by taking the endorsement from the outgoing night shift nurse. Review the plan of care of our assigned patient.

She asked to get the manual Blood Pressure Apparatus and handed me her pager. I was thinking why the pager. She notice me in confusion of the pager, she just smiled and said “ I want you to feel your the real nurse and I am just your assistant”, don’t worry I am at your side” just answered “ok”. We went to each patient room, greeted patient, took the vital signs, recorded it my notebook, does the head to toe assessment . After all of these activities we went back to the nurse’s station where I do the documentation with regards to patients vital signs.

At around 9:00 in the morning we do the morning care for each patient, I had the chance to assist her male stroke patient change his catheter. We finished around 9:30 and had our break. After the break 10:00 Am time to give the medication for my assigned patient together with my preceptor as per schedule. My assigned patient is male 51 years old Spanish who has an Ileostomy case. The medication that I was going to give are pain medications and for his hypertension. My clinical instructor asked me also about the medication routes, and the classification of the drugs.

So thankful to her my Clinical Instructor she is so kind and willing to give us all the information we need to learn. I also documented in the MAR sheet, signed the drugs that I gave. I also had the chance of changing the dressing of my assigned patient, Ileostomy case. Prepared the materials needed for the procedure. Feeling nervous at the beginning, my first time to do this kind of dressing, packing ribbon on an stoma. With my preceptor around who is so cooperative and teaching me the proper way to do it I feel confident and grateful to her too.

Me and my group mates had also the chance to watch doing the bladder scanner knowing the amount of urine in the bladder. One of my group mates did the in and out catetherization, but unfortunately it did work out, something is blocking maybe pus. I also helped the transferring of patient from bed to wheel chair using the manual Hoyer Lift. Get tired that day but happy I learned a lot of challenges, having this positive attitude, experiences during my clinical duty I know I can handle and deal with the situations that I will be encoutering.

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