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Reflective Essay Founded Online, Not Mine Essay

The purpose of writing a reflective essay is to present what you felt and what you reflect after an experience. Readers will discover how you associate with the subject on which you are writing. Your reflective essay can provide your perspective and the lesson you learned from a given experience.

A reflective essay must provide a personal perspective, inform of the purpose for creating, and indulge in personal thoughts as well as feelings. A reflective essay must present a purpose or a lesson to be learned from the story. You personalise the creation of a reflective essay by mentioning your role in the event or occurrence. A reflective essay will always provide for varying perceptions by studying the different point of views and aspects (mentioning if a certain decision had gone in another direction) and how you evaluate the experience as a whole.

You must feel that the experience or occurrence is worthy of developing a reflective essay on. You must remember each detail and every facet of the story for the exploration of each description. You must mention the significance and the feelings that you have regarding the experience on which you write your reflective essay.

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