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Reflection Paper St Dominic Essay

“Do not weep. I shall be of more use to you after death than I ever did in life.”

In the movie, Dominic, Light of the Church, features St. Dominic’s life, his failures and successes, his contributions to the church as well as to those people around him. He already wonders why is it that there is a war, that there are people who hungers and that there are sufferings in the world since he was still a child. This led to a helping hand when he was studying in becoming a priest. You can also see in the movie that St. Dominic has a pure and kind heart that nourishes, motivates and inspires others’ souls.


St. Dominic said that the kind of preaching they offer differs from other kinds of preaching because when they teach the word of God, they deliver it with a heart, pure faith and sacrifice. I think St. Dominic founded the order of preachers because he started the act of telling others the existence of God together with his fellow priests.There are four pillars of Dominican life. These are the prayer, community, study and preaching. Prayer can always be seen in St. Dominic. He always prays for the poor and for the sufferings of the people. Community- the part when the war had began. St. Dominic united the people at that time and it defines the real meaning of community. Study- this is where St. Dominic is studying to become a priest. And preaching- he tells other people the glory and goodness of God.


St. Dominic was influenced by many circumstances at that time. The two persons that had great impact on him are Bishop Don Diego, and his mother, Jane of Aza. Because of these persons, he was greatly supported, and his profession of becoming a priest was very successful.


There is only one lesson I got in this movie—that is to love God. This love to God branches out to loving others, sacrificing one’s life to others, patience, sincerity, willingness to help others, and many more that St. Dominic exhibited during his short but fulfilling life here on earth.


As a young person, and inspired by St. Dominic, I can bring the gospel of Jesus to others by simply telling other person the greatness of the good news, having a blog on the internet defining the miracles that happened to me, that may lead to as motivation and inspiration to others. I could also help others by giving them what I have. Being a good daughter is also one. Doing the responsibilities as a student, and praying as I have never prayed sincerely and purely like what St. Dominic did for others.

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