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Reflection on My Learning Styles Essay

How do they reflect on my learning?

I will try to do my own research for information but will ask others for their opinion whenever necessary. I tend or try to approach things with a constant logic, taking things step by step, considering all factors before coming to any conclusion, trying to leave nothing out. I act thoughtfully but efficiently and try and get on with my learning, taking my time over work to perfect it the best I can. I often question myself, does my work make sense?

I may offer interesting ideas and concepts even when it may not be directly relevant at the time, but sometimes get worried when hurried or put under undue pressure. I find it difficult when I’m put on the spot or in the limelight; this makes me feel uncomfortable and pressured, as fast thinking isn’t a strong point. Although this may be more down to a lack of experience of being in this situation.

What will this mean for my learning?

This means I will take a step back to observe and listen to others, thinking before acting. I take time to explore and prepare between ideas, reviewing what I have learned and coming to a conclusion in my own time. I get my work done by due deadlines required but sometimes find it hard to work under pressure or in noisy areas. I need coaching and feedback at times to point me in the right direction and sometimes need things explained in a simple manner, sometimes in depth.

What does this mean for me as a practitioner?

I will take my time to think about activates to make sure I have covered all angles and with the experience of how things went. I will come to a conclusion at the end when I have had time to think it back; could I have done that better? Were the children interested? Would they like to repeat the activity again?

After being on courses or observing others, if its good idea, I will implement it to my practices and give it a trial as I’m keen to try out new ideas. I will model ideas and take turns in activities.

I will take on other people’s points of views without making any judgement, giving direct instructions on how things should be done.

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