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Reflection In Diversity Essay

The focus of this assignment is to explore a time when I felt like the “other”: invisible, excluded, or too visible. I will describe how I felt and what I learned from my experience of exclusion in the workplace. I will then connect my discussion to at least three concepts, examples, and /or quotes from the course readings or lecture. I am currently employed by a Dialysis provider that has several contracts to provide Acute Hemo-dialysis treatments to patients in a hospital setting. I have a primary hospital location, but I also travel to other hospitals in the area. I enjoy this position for many reasons, one being that I have a lot of autonomy. Others and myself see working as an Acute Hemo-dialysis Nurse as a prestigious position. Although I work alongside other Registered Nurses, as a contractor, most colleagues consider me the “other” RN. My contract status excludes me from all unit and daily hospital activities. I have adapted to this independent work environment.

On occasion, the hospital is short on staff and requests my assistance. However, I am obligated to ensure I abide by the law and work regulations for my position and status. In the performance of my daily duties, requests for services outside of my contract arise. I regularly encounter such requests in the medication room and nurses station. Many hospital staff RN’s get offended when I have to decline assisting them. According to our textbook on page 85, discrimination is negative behavior toward a person based on his or her group membership (Bell, 2012). Many of the nurses from my company complain that hospital nurses discriminate against us due to our status. I understand my contractor status concerning co-employment laws. I am content with the service I provide and the rules governing my position. I do not allow such negative interactions or opinions to interfere with my job performance.

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