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Reflection and Reaction Paper Of Human Evolution Essay


Planet Of Life: Apes to Man narrated by Stacy Steach, tells us about the origin Of Human Evolution. According to the documentary film, 100, 000, 000 years Ago, the world was first inhabited by the dinosaurs. But, because of the asteroid 6 miles wide That struck the earth; it brought the end of the reign of the Dinosaurs. After being strucked by The Asteroid, the earth became life less. But, insects and plants and some small Mammals would Survive and populate the landscape. And, one of these is the Pregatoria, One of earth’s First Primate. It was an arboreal animal. The Earth regained its life source and bass tropical rainforest For hundreds of generation. This Large Habitat would nurture new families of primates. One of the oldest known signs of our origin and arrival are hominid imprints dating back 3 Million and a Half years ago.

Human evolved from primates perhaps the apes that once lived in Southern Africa. This sumptuous forest may have helped to shape human kinds direct ancestors. In Lake Victoria in Kenya, Rusinga Island, The team led by Mary Leakey discovered the partial Skeleton Up a distant relative dating 60 Million Years Ago. Over decades Rusinga became Remarkable evidence of Human origins. There, found a Proconsul, these are earliest known ape. No other fossil ancestor has been reconstructed in such details. With their long fingers they Could grasp the branches firmly. They’ve been said to be related to humans, despite years of Analysis and ongoing scientific inquiry, it is not yet found possible to name all the limbs to Human Family Tree.

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