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Red Light Cameras Essay

The majority of studies and reports done on red light cameras have shown an increase in crashes. The results show an average of a 27% increase in crashes and a 21% increase in injury crashes after red light cameras are installed. These are caused by drivers having to slam on their brakes due to the known presence of the device at an intersection. * Red Light Cameras are used primarily for profit. Most cities use these systems to fund large portions of their budgets for example; Houston, Texas is now facing a $10 million budget shortfall after citizens voted to remove the city’s red light cameras.

There are even several communities like Chicago, Chattanooga, Dallas and Nashville that have lowered yellow light times below the Federal Highway Administration minimum of 3 seconds in order to attain higher red light violations at their red light camera intersections. Red light camera manufacturing companies often promote on their websites about the millions in revenues that cities have collected by installing red light camera systems.

Not enough data was collected to prove the cameras efficiency. 70 to 80% of red light runners go through red lights within the first second after the light turns red. Studies in Texas, California, Pennsylvania and Virginia show significant red light violation drops after extending the yellow signal time on intersections. Also, camera manufactures claim that existing systems in operation can have from 4 to 40% false positives daily, costing innocent drivers millions of dollars yearly.

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