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Recrutiment Process at Infosys Essay

Infosys Technologies has got the most structured recruitment process among all IT companies in India. First of all, they do not have any distinction between any branches of Engg. Whatever be the branch, you can sit up for the selection process if you qualify their other eligibility criteria like marks and time gap. i. e Once you had appeared for any test at Infosys, you will have to wait for 9 months until you appear for any of their recruitment process.

For Off-campus, send in your resumes to the mail-Id mentioned and you are sure to get a call letter if you meet their academic criteria. Hence once you send the resume, start preparing for the exam, because you are sure to get a call. You may get call through e-mail invitation and further the admit card will be send to your postal address through courier/post. Latest selection process. ( As on March 2006)

The duration of the selection process is 2. hrs which includes filling in an application form, an Aptitude Test (Analytical Thinking and Arithmetic Reasoning) and a test of Communicative English Language. The duration of the tests alone will be 90 minutes. The Aptitude Test will be generally of Puzzles type and the no. of questions will vary between 9 -15. The best way to practice for the tests is to go through the previous question papers at Freshersworld. com or refer books like Sakuntala Devi or George Summers. Go through the Maximum No. of previous question papers and prepare well for the puzzles.

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