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Records Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Functional Requirement for Bibliographic Records

As the world unfolds to broader perimeters so is the changing in the requirements of the library context. With the intellectual pursuit in mind, the role of an adequate library plays a comparatively important role in the dissemination of knowledge. The library forms a substantially fundamental part of the learning process. The Functional Requirement of Bibliographic Records (FRBR) however stands to remedy the fatal requirements in such libraries. The resolution in the use of the FRBR has been through an endowment of experimental algorithmic pursuits where the available records within a bibliographic setting is grouped in terms of various works or reliable expressions. Therefore, the basics of the FRBR are to ensure an adequacy into the bibliographic characters in manners…

Miley Cyrus performance

This very recent controversial news about Miley Cyrus performance at the VMA’s has raised questions on the image that she is presenting to everyone, including young fans. Parents are concerned that this may affect their children in a negative way. There had also been accusations that Mileys show had been racist, as there were Africa-Americans ‘twerking’ in the background as backup dancers. Some had said that it made it seem that the African-American were presented as ‘less’ than Miley. People were also saying that this was a bad image of what women should be and that she misused her feminism and women rights. Is it the duty of an idol to carry the burden of acting responsible? Or is it…