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Recording Essay Topics & Paper Examples

A Historical Recording of a Fictitious Story

One powerful factor in effective storytelling lies in the strong characterization of the figures in the story, and the novel, “Don Quixote” sustains this factor. In the beginning of the novel, Miguel de Cervantes warns his “idle readers” (Cervantes, page __) that he simply wants to relate the story of a stepson who lived a ridiculous but great life, saying thus: “My wish would be simply to present it to thee plain and unadorned, without any embellishment of preface or uncountable muster of customary sonnets, epigrams, and eulogies, such as are commonly put at the beginning of books. ” (Cervantes, page__). The second part of the novel reveals a similar contention, this time uttered by Cide Hamete Benengeli in Chapter…

Clapton’s recording

A distinct genre of music originated between 1890 and 1910 drawing from elements of African American music, and emerging ragtime and jazz and this genre came to be known as the blues. The main instruments of blues music are the guitar, piano, harmonica, along with violin, mandolin, string bass, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, and the drum set. From the late 1950s, following the incorporation of electric bass and keyboards into blues ensembles and the ascendancy of electric lead guitar and soul blues singing, blues experienced a slowdown in its evolutionary development within the American black community. This halt also coincided with the growth of white interest and involvement in the blues. And soon a few white solo performers, such as John…

Concern about Apollo Audit

While looking over the planning material for Apollo Shoes, I came across a situation I would like to bring to your attention regarding a potential risk factor. I identified the risk in the recorded minutes for the meeting held on June 30, 2011, found on page 33 of the planning materials. It explains that Apollo will advance Mr. Lancaster’s secretary a personal loan in the amount of one million dollar. He suggested the loan to be recorded as “other receivables” rather than “employee advances” so shareholders would not be troubled by this amount. In addition, Mr. Lancaster asked for the check to be given directly to him and he would give his secretary the money in cash. In my opinion,…