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Rechargeable Charcoal/Wood-Feed Stove Essay

Currently, Philippines experiences economic crisis which results to higher costs of rare fossil fuels and LPG tanks which is used as a medium of cooking stoves. The study was conducted to construct a Rechargeable Charcoal/Wood-Feed Stove; a time-saver and a cost efficient appliance. It aims to compare the efficiency of the said stove to other commonly types of stove such as LPG Stove and Charcoal/Wood Clay Stove regarding with the time consumed when boiling, the watts consumed and the volume of fuel needed.

The body was composed of half-cut gas tank, the base with steel bars. Cement and sand was poured. Perforated plate was attached to serve as air outlet. The box was made and the 12-volt battery was attached. The results of time and watts consumed when boiling using 750 ml of water using rechargeable charcoal/wood-feed stove was 2. 67 minutes, and 0. 00018 watts respectively using 50 g of charcoal in average. Cost of fuel and watts used were Php 0. 71 and Php 0. 02 respectively.

Whereas using the Charcoal/Wood Clay Stove, the time consumed when boiling was 10. 35 minutes consuming 300 g of charcoal in average and the total cost obtained was Php 4. 29. While for LPG Stove was; 4. 67 minutes consuming 66. 7 g of gas in average and the total cost obtained was Php 4. 97. Based on the results gathered, using comparison, the researchers concluded that the stove is less-time consuming and a fuel-saver compared to LPG Stove and Charcoal/Wood Clay Stove.

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