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Receipt Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Balingasag Memory Square – Point of Sales System

1.1 Background and Rationale of the study Memory Square is one of the attractive places in Balingasag Misamis Oriental. It is located at Barangay 6 near seaport between Provincial Hospital and basketball court. Memory Square is a fast food chain, where the students, teachers, families, friends, tourists, personnel’s in LGU or the Local Government Unit officials ,Balingasag Provincial Hospital personnel and for all the people coming from Balingasag seaport who buy snacks, foods and drinks. The owner of the Memory Square is Ms. Evelyn Albor. Memory Square was build on 2011. Ms. Evelyn Albor is the one who manage the money and running the business. The personnel that work in the fast food are the one who gives the ordered…