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Reasons for not Encrypting Data Essay

Encryption of data involves using particular software such as PGP to put it in the form only understandable by the intended recipient. However, encryption does not fully guarantee the security of the data nowadays with introduction of sophisticated malwares by hackers. Most of the popular emails used –yahoo, Gmail, and hotmail- encrypts passwords and information on transit automatically and thus it more or less important to first encrypt your emails. For instance, yahoo applies SSL tools to encrypt all data.

Using encryption software involves a lot time as one has to validate every email before sending it with a key. A person who has initiated the use of encryption service has to publish hi/her key so that other have access to it as well as other person’s public key. Besides, the key has to be unique and complex to mitigate possible hacking. Consequently, the recipient of the email must be using encryption software as well as have the necessary public and private key to decrypt the information.

This means that communication with individuals who are not using encryption software is difficult. A situation whereby a person is the solitary user of software among the others could probably arise (Shankland, 2010). Additionally, key management is challenging to anyone who is not conversant with IT because of vulnerabilities to encryption, such as `brute force` cracking and `back doors`. It is via using lengthy keys and genuine software that can mitigate this although not totally (NetAction, 2001).

According to Whitten (1999) if you are using encryption software, one is forced to back it up and some other of user’s action are delicate in that they are irreversible. Thus, a high risk of losing valuable data and they include deleting private key accidentally, publicizing one’s key accidentally, revoking a key accidentally, and forgetting a pass phrase. If a private key is deleted, it is totally gone whereas forgetting lengthy key for instance “S411!! y are: #1 i/\/! mY! b00k!!! ” terminates the usefulness of the encryption program.

Reason being that one can no longer be able to decrypt information/data that he/she encrypted earlier. References Whitten, A. (1999). Why Johnny Can’t encrypt: A Usability Evaluation of PGP 5. 0. Retrieved July 28, 2010 from http://gaudior. net/alma/johnny. pdf Shankland, S. (2010, January). Want really secure Gmail? Try GPG encryption. Retrieved July 28, 2010 from http://news. cnet. com/8301-30685_3-10434684-264. html NetAction. (2001). Do you need encryption? Retrieved July 28, 2010 from http://www. netaction. org/encrypt/guide. html#vulnerabilities

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