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Reason, is the ability to use your thinking in order to form conclusions Essay

Reason, is the ability to use your thinking in order to form conclusions, inferences, or judgments. to use reason in order to so such things we need not only to think but also connect and make paths with the other ways of knowing and the mindful surrounds with the use of our senses like the article states. While trying to make conclusions, inferences or judgments we tend to search for courses that led to such behavior actions or outcomes.

For example, we can take the idea of Sherlock homes whether he wanted to conclude about something he not only think about it but he actually search for the components who led to that. Then when he actually found the pieces of the puzzle he is able to conclude of make a judgment of any circumstance. For that reasons, we can say that in other to reach to conclusions and gain knowledge about them we firstly need to search for all the pieces and then put them together and conclude.

Pursuing this further, reason on its can give us knowledge however, this information may not be as good and certain as when using all the components in order to reach to an ending. The article states that when actually observing the situations and using the mindful of the surroundings and using all the scenes in order to actually observe then, we are able to actually see what is behind the blanket and understand what we were actually searching for.

Answers are easier when we actually search for them and find all the components that make one. If we tend to actually do into the conclusions we would never actually gain knowledge we most likely believe we are when we are not. In order to actually gain knowledge we need to search for it and use our perception emotion and language. In that moment we are able to gain knowledge the moment when we actually see the whole picture.

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