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Real estate Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Enabling a continuous processing of real estate transactions

Prudential Fox & Roach, America‘s fourth largest real estate provider, is an affiliate of prudential real estate Inc. , whose annual sales were recorded as $ 15. 5 billion in 2004. With a staff of 900 employees, and an extra 3,300 commission-based agents, Prudential has operation in the United States and Canada, with a combined 70 offices between them. Owing to the stiff competition in terms of clients and listing that are normally faced by real estate companies, as well as their agents, it becomes prudent that a real estate company finds a way of expediting the complex nature of the sales cycle characterizing the real estate business. For this reason, prudential was out to offer their employees and mobile…


This piece was inspired by yet another comment that I received recently. “Don’t talk to me unless it is freehold.” Is it really true that Freehold always trumps leasehold? In an ideal world, as ANZ bank is prone to say nowadays, Freehold properties in the same location as leasehold properties would sell for similar prices. However, that is not true, Freehold is always more expensive, and people tend to forget the real cost of buying Freehold vs Leasehold. For the same amount of money that you could buy a Freehold property, you could probably buy a leasehold property in a much better location. When we consider the eternal truth that for property, location is everything, we wonder why some of…