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Reading Plan Essay

Year 1 to 3: Reading Methodology: Oral Recitation Lesson * The Oral Recitation Lesson (ORL) is an instructional procedure that incorporates direct and indirect instruction during small-group reading instruction. ORL helps the teachers to use it easily with basal reading programs, especially with students who experience difficulty in learning to read. * ORL is a part of fluency improving reading program. The strategies of ORL will focus on improving fluency.

This week we will focus on: a) ORL Format.Direct Instruction of ORL: Read, discuss, and analyze a story 1. The teacher reads the story aloud to the students. 2. After reading, the teacher works with students to discuss and analyze the story by constructing a story map that identifies the characters, setting, problem, events, and resolution. 3. The group uses the story map to write a brief summary that includes the critical information in the story.

The teacher is careful to write down the students’ language.Indirect Instruction Component (5 minutes daily)Students reread the stories that they have read in the small group, direct instruction component of ORL. While students practice reading quietly to themselves, the teacher listens to individuals read to see if they have achieved master in word recognition (98% accurate) and fluency (75 words per minute in 2nd grade level text). |

Reading plan for Year 4-5: Oral Recitation LessonYear 4: Follow Charlie and the chocolate factory (continue reading ahead)Year 5: Read Harry potter(continue reading ahead)How to use Oral Recitation Lesson technique:

1. Read a chapter and identify setting, problems, events and resolution. 2. Write a brief summary at the end of the week on the chapters read. 3. Teachers to follow Indirect Instruction Component mentioned previously to check the fluency and word recognition.Resource Material for Year 1: Ginn Reader (Level 6) “Time to Smile / Tales we like)Resource Material for Year 2: Ginn Reader (Level 8) “ Through the year / Moonshine)Resource Material for Year 3: Ginn Reader (Level 8) “ Festivals / Magical Tales)|

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