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Reading Habit Essay

When there were no televisions or computers, reading was a primary leisure activity. People would spend hours reading books , traveling to far away lands in their minds. With time, people have lost their skill and passion to read as there are many other exciting and thrilling options available these days, aside from books. And that is a shame because reading offers a productive approach to improving vocabulary and word power, it helps to learn things that are not taught in school or by a teacher.

Reading magazines and newspapers daily informs us with what is going on in the outside world or in the community we live in. Children who love reading have comparatively higher IQs. They are more creative and do better in schools and colleges. Children who start reading from an early age have good language skills, and have a better grasp on the variances in phonics . Reading helps in mental development and stimulates the eyes muscles it involves greater levels of concentration and adds to the conversational skills of the reader.

It is an indulgence that enhances the knowledge acquired, consistently. The habit of reading also helps readers to decipher new words and phrases that they come across in everyday conversations. Reading can become a healthy addiction and adds to our information on various topics helping us to stay in-touch with contemporary writers as well as those from the days of yore and makes us sensitive to global issues. It is therefore essential to cultivate the habit of reading from an early age for self – development.

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