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Reaction Paper in Opening Bank Account Essay

Opening bank account today would seem so easy. We can easily avail of a wide range of deposit products that answer our needs for greater accessibility to our funds, value-added features, competitive rates and convenience. Upon opening an account to the bank (RCBC), the bank gave me a registration form that includes details and some basic information about my identity. Honestly, I find it uneasy to fill up those forms because of lots of information it requires. However, I just used to think that the reason for this is to protect them and to comply with a variety of banking regulations. Aside from signing the information sheet, the bank also requires me to sign their banking terms and agreements which only mean that I have to abide to certain rules and accept responsibility for certain actions. Like other banks, the RCBC also offers ATM card known as MyWallet card. This all-in-one card allows us to enjoy electronic banking convenience anytime, anywhere and it will allow us to do transactions like a regular ATM card: withdrawals, cashless shopping, balance inquiry and bills payment–all these, without the hassles of keeping a monthly maintaining balance. Plus, no penalty will be charged even if we’re going to withdraw all the money in our account. For me, this is really advantageous especially for us as a student who only have limited budget and allowance for savings. Also, having bank account is really convenient. For example, if I have a bank account, I can easily pay bills using ATM. It’s also cheaper than buying a money order (and I will have proof of bank statements that I paid my bills). If I get an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or debit card for the account, I can withdraw money easily or make payments at stores since a debit card is usually accepted for purchases anywhere credit cards are accepted. I can say that opening a bank account is an opportunity for me to learn how to manage financial aspects especially in the near future if I’m already a professional.

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