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Rationale for a Dissemination Plan Essay

Dissemination of information is one of the significant factors in any system development. The firm stakeholders, policy makers and individual in departments involved employs skills and research outcome to win out the approximations to achieve the set ends and aims. Through the use of newsletters, magazine, flyers, brochure, posters, presentation and interviews, the firm will pass along knowledge to the different individual in the organization. In the nursing field, information about Evidence Base Practice is of importance. It should be shared amongst the practicing nurses in order for it to be implemented easily across the department (Hanrahan, Marlow, Aldrich, & Hiatt, 2010). Before embarking on Evidence-Based Practice Research, nurses should first come up with a clear project overview to clarify the aim and change they intend to bring after conducting research.

They should spread the ends intended to be achieved by carrying out the research and the impact they will bring to the firm and their patient or customers. Nurses carrying out EBP should categorically choose the people to use the research (Target audiences). The central message is important, and it should be disseminated to the group or individual in the research task. It is important for nurses to identify key people in the research group who can be capable to make a credible message with simplicity to others. A researcher or in this case the nurse will disseminate activities and responsibilities to the target group and clearly explain to them the role they are entitled to work in the task. The researcher conducting EBP will need finance, for instance, he will incur travel expenses, stationaries and miscellaneous to run the task. Final evaluation of the system is a prerequisite when disseminating plan to benchmark the effort of the project and research (Canadian Health Services Research Foundation).


Canadian Health Services Research Foundation. (N.d.). Communication Notes. Ottawa: Canadian Health Services Research Foundation. Retrieved from on April 23, 2015 Hanrahan, K., Marlow, K. L., Aldrich, C., & Hiatt, A. M. (2010). Dissemination of Nursing Knowledge:Tips and Resources. Iowa: The University of Iowa. Retrieved April 23, 2015, from

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