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Rastafarian belief system Essay

Rastafarians are best described as “free spirits” in that they believe in eternal life and in what the Judeo-Christian one God concept they just call him Jah and that Africa is Zion the heaven on earth. They have their holy book or bible called the Holy Piby which is often called the Black Man’s Bible. Rastafarians are typically known for their hairstyles or “dreadlocks” that they wear and often smoke natural weed or marijuana as they do not shave or cut their hair as Samson was told if he did not want to loose his strength and as they link themselves historically to the Nazarene people and have taken the Nazarene vow their hair can be seen braided and running down their backsides or placed under a very large hat. Rastafarians do not believe in abortion, contraceptives, or monogamy therefore they are rip for disease and large families as the rhythm method is sure to produce children.

They also do not believe in oral sex, prostitution, rape, sodomy or homosexual which reduces some of the other more risky unprotected sexual behavior mentioned above. Rastafarians do not get involved with the white man’s political or mainstream organized government and calls it “Babylon” after the Biblically inspired corrupt city of wickedness and view the white man who has enslaved blacks as creating a structure whose sole purpose is to hold blacks back and down.

Rastafarians also do not work for other as that is a form of master and slave and they don’t want to be anybody’s slave and work independently in hand crafts, music and building structures. They do not pay taxes as they are off the grid as they do not produce w-2 type income nor are they looking for government handout. Moreover, they usually home-school their children and teach them

to speak the language of “lyaric” and pass on the customs and culture of the Rastafarian belief system.

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