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Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s theory of individualism is a stance that emphasizes the importance of self-reliance for personal success. One of the main tenets of the theory claims that a genius is someone who perseveres with one’s plans regardless of others’ opinions and that nothing is sacred other than the integrity of one’s own mind. This essay will further discuss this tenet to support Emerson’s Individualism. People should live their lives without being burdened by the opinions of others. Emerson, in reference to babes, writes “their mind being whole, their eye is as yet unconquered… nfancy conforms to nobody; all conform to it. ” All of the greatest inventions came about from someone who did not conform to society. Society ends…

Chris McCandless and Emerson’s work “Self-Reliance”

In 1841 Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote his famous essay “Self-Reliance”. This stated his belief in the importance of being self-reliant and outlined the steps necessary to become independent. Over 250 years later Chris McCandless entered the Alaskan wilderness embodying most of the principles that Emerson highlights. Indeed, Chris is almost a perfect example of Emerson’s self-reliant being. Most importantly, he is not afraid to take risks and he follows his soul. The one area where he partially lacks Emersonian principles is in speaking his mind. As early as high school Chris strived for independence. In the summer after his senior year of high school he packed up his car and headed out alone on an expedition around America. His parents…

Silence: Ralph Waldo Emerson and Moore

Silence Silence, as the title suggests, recites in the great part of the poem that represents the culture which has long taught the daughters to be silent. “‘Superior people never make long visits,’” as Moore’s father points out. In the poem Silence, Moore addresses when facing a father who manipulates the powers language confers, she needs to convert the powers to her own restraint on silence as her father recommends. This work has long been read as a sincere appreciation of a father’s dictum; however, critics have taken a different approach and perspective to the poem. Instead of a keen and sincere appreciation of her father’s statement, Moore, through Silence, rejects the father’s uses of language, which assume that behavioral…