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Rainforest Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Agriculture in the Amazon Rainforest

Throughout a hundred centuries people have worked hard to sustain productive agriculture and dense human populations. Certain forms of agriculture are possible, and should be considered sustainable, for the economic development of tropical rainforests. For thousands of years humans have created a disturbance in the rainforests by creating areas of concentrated diversity of species within the landscape. The Indigenous people of the Amazon fostered palm forests, groves of Brazil nuts and fruit trees, and vine forests near ancient Amazonian settlements. Environmentalists could argue that rainforests can be “saved” by through the restriction of economic growth, but it is vital to realize that the local communities will not approve parks and reserves, as it is in their interest to conserve the…

Deforestation: Indigenous Peoples and Amazon

Today, the Amazon Rainforest is a very different place than it was when the Spanish explorer Francisco de Orellana first navigated through its river in 1542. The forest has been around for 55 million years on the South American continent (e. g. Maslin et al. 2005) but through decades of deforestation, climate change, agriculture, and population growth, the Amazon Rainforest is facing a point of destruction. In Brazil, at the rate of deforestation of 20,000 km2/ year, the entire Legal Amazonia of Brazil will be gone in 200 years (e. g. Andersen et al. 2007). If we continue to overuse and abuse the Amazon, we are going to lose a natural wonder that not only inhabits a vast majority of…