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Rail transport Essay Topics & Paper Examples

How the Railroad Changed the 19th Century

In the late 18th and early 19th century, if a person or a good were to travel to another town or state or even across country, their only means of travel was by horse or boat. If you were a man seeking land out west, it could take you over 2 months to get there, as long as you did not die of sickness or get slaughtered by Native Americans. So, with the invention of the railroad, it is not only safer to travel, it is much more economical. Also, with the boom of the railroad came job opportunities. People were traveling the United States and seeing land almost nobody had seen before. With these railroad tracks being built all…

The Benefits of The Honolulu Rail System

In 2005 Honolulu was approved funding for the Honolulu Rail System, ever since that decision there has been a large amount of controversy surrounding the Honolulu Rail System and although some residents may say it is a bad idea, I believe that the rail system may provide many benefits to the residents and tourist to Hawaii. The route for the rail system will start in East Kapolei and end in the Ala Moana Center, running twenty miles with twenty one stops, taking approximately forty two minutes to ride from the beginning to the end. The benefits to the Honolulu Rail System are that the rail will reduce traffic congestion, enhance the economy, and have many of environmental and health advantages….