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Racing Essay Topics & Paper Examples

National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing

The case analyses the dynamics of high performance teams using the example of Jeff Gordon’s racing team, a member of National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). Jeff Gordon was often described as a racing sensation, winning 40 individual races in a four year period. While Gordon was a star and a brand, few spectators knew that his outstanding performance should have been to a large extent attributed to his team consisting of more than a hundred of committed individuals, Rainbow Warriors pit crew, and supervised by visionary team leader, Ray Evernham. According to expert opinion, there are three key ingredients that provide for success in car racing, namely people, equipment and money. While cars and equipment are made…

My Sociology Paper

High speed car chases are one of the most highlighted broadcasts in television today. Using aerial shots to give viewers a better preview of the scene, the media even interrupts regular programs to bring special reports of these fast-moving headlines. The media launches multiple fleets of helicopters (which main purpose for existence is to watch and update traffic conditions in real-time) to follow these car chases until they end either losing the perpetrator or catching them; sometimes without casualties, and sometimes with multiple damages added to the casualties of innocent bystanders. Throughout modern history, television entertainment and racing has been closely related spawning many different events to the fore such as F-1 and NASCAR racing. Many would owe their popularity…